In a far far away neighborhood
Where all the people were smiling and good
There lived a boy with a sad sad face
And eyes filled with emptiness and disgrace.

He passed his days alone in his room
Dreaming about a garden in bloom
Where a sad sad girl just like himself
Would dream about monsters that hid inside her shelf.

She’d live in a house that hung on a tree
She’d lie on its roots but the roots were so free
She wouldn’t wear clothes and wouldn’t have a shelf
But still she was sad, sad just like himself.

And while he was wondering why would she be sad
A knock on the door would make him so mad
Who’d come at his house when he made it quite clear
That he shouldn’t be bothered, to anyone near?

He opened the door and saw a young girl
With big big eyes throwing light on her curls
She gave him a smile full of sorrow and fear
Then said a few words which he didn’t quite hear.

Something about a neighbor she asked
But all he could do, was stand there and gasp
She looked like the girl he had dreamed for so long
That lived in the lonely land where he belonged.

“I don’t know”, he said, though he sort of knew
The boy that lived in the house painted in blue
With dreamy eyes and a dreamy smile
Which he had forgotten for a while.

The girl saw him smiling and thought it was sad
She thanked him and left to never come back
As soon as he closed his immaculate door
He knew he wouldn’t see her again, nevermore.

And so, he kept on dreaming and dreaming
Though on the inside, he was screaming and screaming
He had never been at the far away land
But the girl with big eyes he let go,
And her smile would pursue him, till the end.

Written on January 17th, 2017